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Influence of adrenal cortex on testicular activity in the toad during the breeding season

Life sciences / v.66 no.13. 2000, pp.1253-1260

Author : Biswas, N.M. ; Ray Chaudhuri, Gargi ; Sarkar, M. ; Sengupta, R.

Abstract : Abstract The aim of the present study was to determine the role of adrenals in gonadal activity in the male toad during the breeding season. Exogenous administration of corticosterone or metapyrone for 6 days inhibited adrenal #x0394; 5 -3#x03B2;(delta 5#x2212;3 beta) hydroxysteroid (#x0394; 5 -3#x03B2;-HSD) and testicular 17#x03B2; (17 beta) hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17#x03B2;-HSD) activities, decreased the serum levels of testosterone and inhibited spermatogenesis. When toads were treated with corticosterone a significant rise of serum corticosterone was noted while metapyrone treatment appeared to decrease serum corticosterone levels. It is concluded that adrenocortical hormone plays an indirect role in testicular activity in toads during the breeding season.

Keyword : adrenal . testis . metapyrone . toad . breeding season

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